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But for most people, conducting a free sex offender search in the United States can be very simple.  There are paid private database that people can subscribe,  But all the private database rely on a public database.  And these public databases are by law are made free to the public. So why would anyone pay money to conduct, what is free and open public information, a registered sex offender search?  The answer is simple, they shouldn’t because the database is free.

So many people are wondering how they can do a free sex offender search.  The answer is simple, the States. So each state has a free public sex offender directory.  And this directory, by law, has to be made free to the public.  Because each state has a different budget for the program they kind of access are very diverse.  Some states have their own websites dedicated to the sex offender program while others have linked the program to law enforcement site. And some links it directory to the state government sites.  Because of lack uniformity in how each state develops their system, it is hard for people to find the resources they need to conduct the sex offender search.

And there is where the private sex offender companies come in.  The get the database from all the states and put it in a single database.  Some the state can charge the company access to the API of the database to help fund better development of the website, while others offer it for free.  A major concern about the private company is how up-to-date are their database?  This concern is very scary considering people are paying a premium to access an outdated database when they could simply go to the main source and get the full updated version.  So how can people conduct sex offender search on the most updated database for free?

Conducting a free sex offender search use the local state directory.

Let’s take a quick overview before we make our final conclusion.

  1. States are required, by law, to have a sex offenders website;
  2. They have the make the website available for free to the public;
  3. Every state set up the sex offender websites so differently its making it hard to find where the sites are located;
  4. Private companies buy the sex offender data and create nationwide sex registry;
  5. Private companies database are outdated.

So the best way to find the most accurate information on the sex offender is the search each states websites.   Here at sex offender search, we have created a free online state directory map that will help guide you to each states registry.  Simply click on the map below and go to the sex offender map page.  Select the state you want to search and go to their websites.  You will find the most up-to-date information of local sex offender.  And the best part is the price, it’s FREE!Free Sex Offender Search US Map

Free Sex Offender Search Public Registry connects people to a free online sex offender public directory. It features in the top 10 of Best People search sites list on many websites.  Here is another look at the rampant plague that has infected our beloved country. Sex offenders and other related criminals have been roaming the streets since time immemorial. This is why the local authorities have been working double time, in order to eradicate and annihilate these individuals, which are a danger to society.

One of the many tools that authorities use perennially to capture these ruthless men is technology. Through their computer database which contains uploaded profiles of various criminal elements, authorities are able to tap into the information they may need to track down these sleek and treacherous entities.

Free Sex Offender SearchA concrete example of how technology greatly helps in the arrest of these felons is the e-mail counterchecking software which is found in the state of Arizona. Through this technology, parents are able to contact the Arizona Police Department database, in the case, that a suspicious e-mail is sent to them or their children from an unknown source.

Parents can send the suspicious e-mail address to the police department website and the authorities can cross-reference it with their list of convicted child molesters in their criminal records database.

Using Free Background Check to conduct a free sex offender search

If a name matches with the criminal records database, then the authorities can now coordinate with the family concerned about dealing with the sex offender. The authorities may ask for certain details about the suspect in order to apprehend the lawless element.

Locally state police also conduct a free sex offender search in order for them to find and hunt down any suspected character. Aside from their own database, police authorities can contact other adjacent state police departments, to help in the free sex offender search.

This free local sex offender search applies to state-to-state concerns. In matters of national security, the free national sex offender search is utilized. This is only done if the lawless element has fled the state concerned, and is now roaming other states throughout the county. As the name entails, the free national sex offender search is wider in scope and is only used if the issue cannot be settled locally.

The national sex offender search is done through the coordination of all the law enforcement agencies in America. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as the Central Intelligence Agency, plays a big role in conducting this nationwide search.

The free local sex offender searches, as well as the other searches, are done through the cooperation and aid of American citizens themselves. Without this invaluable assistance, the authorities’ efforts to capture these criminals will surely be done to no avail.